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Universe is a bitch

Universe is a bitch

Made of flesh and bones, water and waste. I sold my soul to the god of music and art.
I love old things and the smell of books.
Star Wars and Batman since i was a little girl.
Comics, manga & anime.
Cold is my thing. I can't connect with reality. No music no life.



I think doing voice work for animation is probably acting in its purest, most ancient form. It’s a bit like the [ancient] Greek form of acting, where they had masks on. In our case, the mask is the animator’s drawings.

— James Earl Jones (The Making of “The Lion King”, 1994)

And the Academy believes voice actors shouldn’t be nominated…WHY?!

I probably would have been in my head, ‘Am I Tony? I’m not Tony. I’ve got to be Tony again!’ (Downey)